Taking Delivery

Know what to expect

The time to pick up your new ride is here.
The anticipation and excitement of driving off in your new car is building.

First things first.

Inspect the vehicle before you rush up to the Business Office to sign the final paperwork. Be sure everything is as it was when you first test drove the vehicle and that all of the agreed to items or options have been installed and are working as promised.




Everything is complete as promised, great you’re ready to finalize the deal, and now it’s back to the Business Office.

You will be signing the final documents including the transfer papers.

Be sure to read and understand everything that you’re signing.


If you’re unclear ask for clarification.

Don’t sign until you clear on everything.


Your sales consultant should be ready to give you an orientation of all of the options during the delivery, such as instructions and help setting up your blue tooth etc.


Many of the new vehicles are very high tech and if you are unsure of anything don’t be afraid to ask for an orientation drive to help guarantee that you have everything clear before you drive off.

Oops, there’s something not right? One of the items promised during the negotiations doesn’t seem to have been completed. Depending on your relationship with the dealership and your level of trust you need to make a decision. Do I take delivery now and make an appointment to have the remaining work completed or do I decide to wait until everything is completed before taking delivery. This is your choice and not the Sales Consultant’s, the Sales Manager's or the General Manager’s decision. You decide.